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    Timothy Debono
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    I recently purchased a new monitor the DELL S3220DGF, it has been amazing across the board besides HDR as when i turn HDR on its like it raises the black levels heaps where black is no longer black but a darker grey and makes colour seem a bit more washed, if i use Nvidia Control Panel>Adjust Desktop Colour Settings>Use Nvidia Settings and jsut raise the contrast from 50% to 70% it all rebalances itself to now have amazing blacks, colours and that HDR  specular highlighting we all want.

    So what I am asking is there a way i can creat a profile to replicate what Nvidia control panel is doign so i can use DisplayCal to easily switch between DELL’s default profile for SDR and the adjusted profile for HDR?

    As its a hassel have to open control panel adjust and turn on HDR to play a game or watch a video then reverse the process to go back to SDR stuff.


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    Hi! Can you help to calibrate this monitor? I would like to set the few settings on the monitor to the best and make the calibration accurate through the probe but in addition to adjusting the gain I would not know how to do the rest. Can you recommend some guides or settings to help me step by step in the calibration? Thank you

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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