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    in an old topic from 2020 a user asked about the problem, that SpyderX setup doesn’t have any color corrections to import. Unfortunately no one replied what to do then to get correct results.

    One said, to import corrections of Spyder5, the other one just confirmed that there are no corrections in SpyderX setup to import.
    So what’s the workaround? To work without specific color corrections, to import Spyder5 corrections or something else?

    Any advice very much appreciated. Thank you.

    Kind regards, chapolote

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    Spyder X does not support “distributed” corrections (CCSS) like i1d3. That’s the very reason to avoid it even without considering it’s worse low light readings.
    Of course you can made a taylor make correction for YOUR device with an spectrophotometer measuring YOUR display as with any other colorimeter.

    You have to use bundled (in HW) measurement modes for the few supported backlight types. You can locate them on upper right combo box in calibration tab.

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