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    Hello, new user here.

    I just attempted to use the latest version of DisplayCal for two laptops, one running Windows 10, the other Macos Catalina.

    Calibration device is a Spyder3.

    Calibration on the Mac seems to have been okay on the Mac (Macbook Pro – Retina 15 inch, Mid 2014), however the colors seem quite washed out compared to the standard Appple LCD calibration.

    On the Windows 10 system (HP Elitebook 8730w with Dreamcolor display), the calibration fails at the end with the message “struct.error ‘H’ format requires 0 <= number <= 65535”.

    I’ve tried a couple of combinations of settings but always end up with this error after 2-3 hours of calibration.

    I’ve attached the logfile.

    Any ideas?


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    Florian Höch
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    from the log it looks like botched measurements:

    R=G=B (>= 1% luminance) dE*00 avg 3.28167520488 peak 10.5326183216

    The devices filters may have aged to a point where it is no longer useful for calibration. Consider upgrading to a better instrument (ColorMunki Display,/i1 Display Studio, i1 Display Pro, or SpyderX – the i1 or ColorMunki are preferable over the Spyder from an accuracy standpoint).

    i1Display Studio on Amazon   i1Display Pro on Amazon   SpyderX Pro on Amazon  
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    I pulled the Spyder3 apart and the filter under the diffuser was cloudy and etched by something.

    Now  in the trash and awaiting an i1Display Pro .

    Thanks for the help.


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