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    Hello! I’m using i1 Display Pro (07/2019) for calibrating Sony Multiscan G400 CRT monitor on 980Ti. The monitor is still in good condition (excellent focus & convergence, ~110 cd/m2 brightness at factory reset)

    What is the best settings for me to choose?

    1. Mode – Refresh (generic)?
    Correction – should I set Spectral: CRT (Hitachi, DiamondView) or None?

    2. White level drift compensation – enabled?
    Docs say that it is for Plasma & OLED only but CRT have something in common with Plasma, they are both refresh type screens.

    3. Office & Web D65 or Video (D65, Rec.1886)?
    Calibration speed – slow? (time is not of the essence)
    Main usage – videos and sometimes modern 3D games.

    4. Should I use black background? I noticed that calibration results slightly differ when i do it on black bg instead of my wallpapers. And Verification gives much higher contrast ration with black bg. But in “real life” i don’t work with black bg usually.

    Thank you in advance! ^)

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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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