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    Blake T
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    Hi there,

    Which profile is recommended for accurately viewing photos downloaded from internet? I usually view in lightroom, photoshop or preview.

    “Office & web (d65 gamma 2.2)” or
    “photo (d50 gamma 2.2)” or
    “softproof (5800k 160cdm2, L*)” or
    “sRGB” ?



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    Gamma in color managed apps will be undone, so it doesnot matter. Usually the closest one to native gamma or the closest one to un color managed content, like for example 2.2.

    White point is usually D65 for general use. D50 or other custom warmm white is for matching paper wite to screen or working aligned to other teams remotely)

    => Unless you have other requirements D65, 2.2 gamma. If display is more or less well behaved, choose 1 curve + matrix with black point compensation active, medium or slow calibration speed (so most or all grey errors will be corrected)


    Алексей Коробов
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    My conclusion here is:

    1. Some images have sRGB profile embedded or were edited “in sRGB conditions”. sRGB is only recommended for cross-platform usage in the Internet and is supported by almost all browsers (when you have correct display ICC), with weird tolerance though.

    2. Unknown images without profiles are made on “consumer screens”. If we exclude low-gamut (57-63% sRGB) widely used notebook panels, these are 88-95% sRGB monitors that should be factory tuned to gamma 2.2 contrast curve. Gamma 2.2 differs from sRGB curve, especially in its dark part, but is not so different as 1.8 or 2.4 are, by example. Consumer displays have different RGB primaries offsets, they can be over and undersaturated, there’s no rule that can compare them all with sRGB gamut. They also tend to saturate colors and too high contrast. But all these displays are manufactured as “near-sRGB” displays, so the right way is to interpret them as “sRGB gamut with gamma 2.2”. You can generate this blend with Synthetic Profile Creator form DisplayCAL bundle (but I’ve already attached it) and use as input profile in Ps/GIMP/Krita for further change to sRGB. I’m not sure if Lr has ability to sign custom ICC to some file, it is aimed to RAW workaround.

    3. When you download images to web, use “download as document” if possible. This method don’t change your original file and keep embeded ICC.

    4. Display brightness is not the case, at least for consumer images.

    2Vincent: sRGB+gamma2.2 is also useful in 3DS Max (non-CM monster) + Corona export (able to apply LUT) and Ps import workflow, cause 3DS cooks JPEGs with gamma 2.2 inside.

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