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    Scott Morgan (@scott-morgan)
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    Apologies if this has been asked before.  I coun’t find any reference.

    My question has to do with monitor settings during / after calibration with DisplayCal.  Speciffically the Color Modes.  I have a BenQ SW271 which has inbuilt color modes.  Do I need to set a specific color mode on the monitor during calibration?  Does DisplayCal override the monitor color mode?

    When you use the BenQ calibration software the profiles are stored in the Calibration 1..2..color modes.  Can similar be done with DisplayCal?

    In short, do I need to adjust the Color Mode setting on BenQ monitor?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Vincent (@vincent)
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    DisplayCAL cannot write monitor LUTs nor modify RGB gains in the OSD modes that allow this operation (“Custom color”/”User” or something like that).
    You can perform a calibration (which will be stores in graphic card LUT) to correct grey color & gamma and white color on top of each Benq color mode, like fcatory sRGB preset, or even Calibration 1/Calibration 2 wrote with Benq software.

    If that monitor has a “user mode” like explained before you can dio the same but white color (and maybe gamma nominal values) could be tweaked by interacting with OSD buttons. Once you fix that, grey gram and gamma will be corrected by DisplayCAL in graphic card LUT.

    If you own a i1Displaypro BenQ software uses wrong spectral corrections for all Benq backlights. Why? Ask them why they do not do it in the right way, maybe they just do not care at all about accuracy and ambassador programs are cheaper to increase sales.
    Anyway: Benq uses a RGB LED spectral correction to compensate/correct colorimeter readings. If you wish to test how good Benq Palete master calibraion & profile is, “with the same rules it was measured and made”, then you have to use that correction in DisplayCAL. It is not actual backlight from that displays, but it is the one Benq is using as correction.
    For actual backlight samples from Benq monitors you can see a few of them in Displaycal colorimetr correction database, mostly 2 flavors: QLED (3 spikes in spectral power distribution, not present in any bundle from Xrite) and W-LED PFS phpshor fro graphic art displays (present in some bundles o corrections like the ones from HP or Lightspace)

    In short, do I need to adjust the Color Mode setting on BenQ monitor?

    If you have a measurmenet device which is able to measure properly that kind of displays you should be encouraged to correct/calibrate that display.
    Test first HW calibration, verify its results (“with Benq rules”, RGBLED) with DisplayCAL. If it is good, keep that calibration.
    If it is not good (strong color cast in grey ramps… huge visible tints in white at measurement point…) then try to use DisplayCAL calibration to correct or at least improve that HW calibration.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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