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    Thanks to this thread. I will return my SpyderX which is giving me strong green tint on a Acer CP5 CP5271U that I just returned because i thought something was wrong with it. I am having problem with the SpyderX calibrating my other monitor with the same green tint.

    Looks like a WLED PFS in AdobeRGB flavor. Did you selected “PFS phosphor” os something like that name as measurement mode in Datacolor or DisplayCAL?

    I have just found DisplayCal, but I’m having problems with my laptop detecting it, sometimes I can calibrate, then next time,  I get Error – new_display() failed with “Instrument access failed” message. this happens even after I uninstall and reinstall ArgyllCMS drivers.

    Device manager, check if ArgyllCMS driver is listed instead of Datacolor.

    I am going to buy the Xrite stuff, but then I can’t find it in stock…

    Now selling as Calibrite. Some widegamut Acers have HW calibration, check if yours have support for that software. If it has HW calibration support you’ll need an i1Displaypro (or Calibrite equivalent, the “display Pro” version), not the cheaper “Display Studio” version.

    i1Display Pro on Amazon   SpyderX Pro on Amazon  
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    I can’t test the Acer with the Spyder anymore because I returned them already.

    I ordered a Dell U2723QE and Calibrite Display Pro PLUS.

    I am now temporarily using my old Spyder2Express + DisplayCAL to calibrate my current Dell U2412M, and my two laptops… they look great and normal now.

    The problem I was encountering with the “detection” problem I found out when I chose the wrong LED type… DisplayCAL is smart enough to detect the proper type.

    Now I am watching videos on the Calibrite and it looks like I don’t need DisplayCAL software. Is there any difference in “accuracy” between the Calibrite vs DisplayCAL software?

    Maybe I should start my own thread… thanks



    New thread here:


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Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)

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