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    Two questions, how can I retrieve the conversion matrix transform of the profiling process? When I check “profile info” it simply says “Matrix”, is this an identity matrix, a transformation matrix to XYZ? or directly to sRGB->Display?

    Matrix 0.8951 0.2664 -0.1614
          -0.7502 1.7135 0.0367
           0.0389 -0.0685 1.0296

    The next question is a little bit more conceptual. @Florian Höch, you said somewhere (let me search) that profiling a display is meant to color manage applications that are non color managed. If that’s the case why photos on Photoshop which is color managed (so ProfileLoader OFF) looks different than the same photo in a non color managed application (ProfileLoader ON).

    Here’s an example, print screenshots (even with ProfileLoader off) embeds the display profile so I converted back to sRGB so you can check that Photoshop’s is the correct one while the other is too dark. This is something that has been irking me for a long time.

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    I cannot edit, so forget the first part of the question (sorted myself).

    I’m only worried on the lack of coherence between Windows CM and Photoshop’s or the likes, because this is not Black Point Compensation if I’m right, this is the 1D curve not being applied on Windows (7 in my case). Is there a way to fix this?

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